Social Media Managers in Cleveland

Tech Saavy

We use technology to our advantage. We have a continuous view of your social media assets. We take deep dives into data to make effective changes. We know what’s working and what isn’t. Need leads? We’ll create the landing pages, opt-in forms, and integrations you need to get in touch with clients … and that’s before we even run your ads.

Forward Thinking

Nothing is permanent. We’re prepared for changes before they happen, not after it’s too late. We provide recommendations to our clients based on a quickly changing marketplace. It saves you time and money in the long run.

Problem Solvers

We can look at your social media assets and discover what’s going wrong and why, then solve your biggest challenges quickly. We’ll get you the leads, conversions, and sales your business needs to thrive and increase its value. We make you look good to your boss. That’s how we roll.

Customer Support

We provide stellar service to both you and your customers who reach out via social. When one of your customers leaves a comment or review or social, we’re there to respond within 1 business day. We know how to settle online grievances quickly and without causing a stir. It helps you win others over.

Our Story

We founded RadicalReach out of a love to help others strategically grow their businesses. With 16 years in marketing and technology behind us, we struck out on a new venture to help other businesses ramp up their marketing and bring more customers through their doors. 

Our entire team is continuously in an in-depth social media training program called The Social Guild. The Social Guild is coached by Jennifer Sheahan, one of the top social media specialists in the wold. Jennifer has managed social media for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, The White House, Amazon, ebay, Disney, and more. We speak to her weekly and she and her team are always available for astounding advice and support to back us up. The Social Guild also consists of 85 other social media managers from around the world who are at the top of their game and help each other succeed. 

The same strategies Jen used in her campaigns are customized and put into place for our clients. 

They’re proven to work and drive in massive results. 


The Social Guild Social Media Training

About Our CEO

Shana Mysko

Shana Mysko

CEO / Founder

You’ll often times find Shana engaging on behalf of clients while eating cupcakes and drinking way too much coffee.

Shana started RadicalReach full time after spending 16 years in the marketing and tech worlds. She wanted to combine the best of both of those to help business owners achieve their dreams. She is a Certified Social Media Manager who loves the way social media connects the world.

In her free time you’ll usually find Shana at a pinball parlor in Cleveland. She’s in two pinball leagues and working her way toward international pinball domination.

Shana is married to a middle school teacher / musician who she’s been with for 16 years, and she has an incredibly cute and charming Boston Terrier named Manny.

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